PCB design

You can have only one idea, and then please organize your ideas into a file, and our engineers will give a solution according to your ideas.

 Or if you feel a product is particularly good, and you want to make your own characteristics and brand on this basis,we can also help you do redesign and do prototype making.

 Or you have your own circuit schematics and need our help to convert them into production documents and so on. We can solve all of them for you.

We can also do casing(housing) design and production.

PCBA general design process

  • Understand customer needs and overall functions, price, size, etc.
  • Quote design cost(Generally include the design fee and the cost of 3 sets of samples)
  • Begin to design the schematic diagram, make the PCB file, and organize the BOM list.
  • Review data files and try to save costs
  • Start to arrange materials and produce samples
  • Test