Signed 3 PCBA projects by Brazilian customer after audit factory

We made 3 PCBAs for a Brazilian customer. The three PCBAs are very similar with slight differences. The difficulty of these three products is that the PCB size is small and the components are very dense. In addition, the gerber file designed by the customer has some problems, the shape layer is not very clear and the circuit is cut. The design was revised under the advice of our engineers, which is more conducive to the safety of PCBA and prolonged service life.

Electronics As a PCB/PCBA OEM manufacturer, we have produced many customized PCBA projects, which are widely used in industry, agriculture, technology and life, the Internet of Things, and so on. Every project, no matter from any designer and any country, will have design flaws, and some problems will be discovered before or during production. There is almost never a design that works perfectly from the beginning to the end. Today we are introducing this Brazilian customer’s project as well.

This project is a Brazilian company’s project. Before signing the contract, we have done samples, 25pcs each. And the customer sent someone to visit and audit our company’s factory. Factory dust-free status, incoming material traceability management, warehouse material first-in-first-out management, production plan, chip and other valuable components storage and solder paste storage, PCB flatness measurement, finished and semi-finished products, regional division of good and defective products, Whether to wear anti-static, furnace temperature meter, machine inspection cycle, AOI and X-RAY inspection machine, etc. were reviewed and investigated. The customer was satisfied with our situation and put forward some optimization suggestions. Our company uses an ERP system to manage data, and they appreciate this management system very much. Every project produced in our factory is based on ERP data management and IT management. All customer information and post-production summary will be updated and entered into the system in time. Test files and videos will be uploaded to ERP. All precautions before, during and after production will be recorded and updated in time. This effectively prevents human error. We have TS and ISO certification. For some high-precision products or according to customer needs, we will make PPAP documents and formulate detailed control plans. IQC and OQC inspection before and after production can better guarantee the quality of the product. Finally, we signed a contract for 1,000 units per month.


The PCBA consists of a main unit and several auxiliary units. The host computer of the control room collects the data of each extension remotely.

The first is the selection of modules on PCBA and the selection of relays of various brands. The customer puts forward the request to the module, the volume cannot exceed a certain range. We propose to contact the factory to remove the module shell, which can save costs, shorten the delivery time, and save space. We will send the module without a shell to the customer for confirmation. After the customer confirms the drawing, we need to make a mold and produce a sample for the customer to confirm. This is a one-month process. The schematic diagram should also be given to the customer, so that the customer can design the PCB board according to this principle to ensure its normal operation.

The PCB consists of 3 parts. Main board, sub board. Two small antenna PCB boards on the left and right above the daughter board. These PCBs are FR4, double-layer boards, blue oil white lettering, lead-free HASL, copper thickness 1oz, board thickness 1.6mm.

The difficulty of this PCBA is that it provides various optimization solutions in the early stage, proposes improved solutions for the customer’s gerber problem, and assembles and test procedures after the product is completed in the later stage. Because there are a lot of exquisite small parts, small plug-ins, and when wave soldering, it is necessary to make a jig to improve production efficiency. Some parts need to be processed in the early stages of production.

The customer also purchased an additional LCD screen. The LCD screen does not belong to this PCBA, and the customer purchases it back for other products. However, the factory contact of the LCD screen and the design confirmation are also completed by our company. The storage of the LCD screen must be dust-free, otherwise the dust is very obvious.

The engineer will make a simple fixture according to the drawings provided by the customer to test the PCBA and supply power. After the final assembly of the housing is completed, a spectrum analyzer is used for the final test.

For this case, the customer provided a design document to facilitate us to find a supplier for production and quotation. We have long-term cooperation with a number of shell factories and are currently in the proofing stage. As the customer wanted to make new products as soon as possible, we made 100 3D printed shells for assembling initial samples.

Because it is a new PCBA, the customer bought two capacitance values ​​for the capacitor. The first batch of 100 units should be divided into 50pcs+50pcs corresponding to different capacitance values ​​and packaged separately, which is conducive to distinguishing.

In fact, assembling 100 samples first, the process is the same as the batch. Our engineers need to do the machine program and put each project part into the SMT machine. We are equivalent to doing SMT twice. Our mission is to help customers succeed. It is a very good thing to be able to confirm the samples before the batch. Can ensure the quality and function of the product before shipment. , Not only do customers feel at ease, we are even more at ease,

We can produce 100pcs for testing and shipping in only 1 week. In response to the sudden request of the customer, we adjusted the production plan and personnel shifts in time. We have also cooperated with many logistics companies, exporting to more than 50 countries, and now 100 samples have been shipped smoothly.

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